Friday, February 1, 2008

Delegate Perspective

WATCH OUT! Some sources are giving you an incorrect delegate count! Here's the real deal:

Delegates allocated so far: 1,135 (47.7% of total)
Delegates remaining: 1,245 (52.3% of total—more than half!)
Mitt Romney's committed delegates so far: 268 (22.5% of goal)
John McCain's committed delegates so far: 675 (56.7% of goal)
Delegates needed to win the nomination: 1,191

Now for the hard part! The conservative message must get out to Louisiana, Washington, and Kansas by Feb. 9, and to Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia by Feb. 12. Assuming Mack gets the three upcoming winner-take-all states (VA, DC, VT), which will be his major effort, Mitt needs to average 30% of the vote in all others to have a chance of depriving Mack of a clear victory and forcing a negotiated outcome. However, given the collusion evident between Mack & Huck (witness the West Virginia manipulation), conservatives must push to convince their compatriots to abandon Huck to deprive Mack of Huck's delegates.

The race is not over! Liberalism is currently infecting the Republican base, and Mack has so far secured clearly only a minority of conservative voters! What will happen in November if Mack rides this wave to the general election, with most conservatives against him?

Mitt needs your support more than ever! Winning the nomination now requires a fundamental change in our mindset. Expand your focus, find out who's running for Congress in your area, and secure their support for Mitt's conservative agenda. When this is all over, we'll need not only a conservative force in the White House, but a conservative force in the Congress. If Mack is in one of these places, we must lay the heavy mantle of conservatism upon him, even if he collapses under the pressure!

Cheers - Richard Voss

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