Friday, February 1, 2008

Competence, Ethics, Conservatism

Several of you have asked me about my preference in the Georgia presidential primary, to be held next Tuesday, February 5 with early voting continuing through this Friday. As you surely know, the remaining GOP candidates are Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul.

When you get to the polls, I respectfully urge you to cast your vote for Mitt Romney.

We need a president who can run our huge nation competently. Our nominee must not only understand the economy and how it works, but must be someone who has governed, balanced a budget, fought for lower taxes and pushed their legislature in a conservative direction. The viable nominee needs diverse experience running things, rather than strictly serving as a lawmaker.

Our nominee must be perfectly clean ethically, considering the difficulties of our party in the past few years.

Our nominee must share our conservative ideals, such as lower taxes, reducing abortions and illegal immigration. Should the GOP stay in the congressional minority, our republican president must continue to press the conservative agenda and not be a rubber stamp for a left-leaning compromise. For instance, we cannot have a nominee that would provide tax rebates for illegal immigrants.

Please join me in keeping the Republican party conservative, and vote Mitt Romney for president.

As an extremely successful businessman in founding and running Bain Capital, which helped start up and turnaround companies such as Staples and Dominos, he knows how to create jobs and can deal with the landscape should we have a recession.

He has experience dealing in international affairs from running the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and turning it from scandal to great success.

Serving as the Governor of Massachusetts, he proved that he can deal with a Democratic congress while still holding his own conservative values and not caving to the other party.

He possesses all the qualities we need and more. You can read more about Mitt Romney here and here.

David R. Helmick

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