Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Romney is STILL the Real Deal!

Ronald Kessler’s Newsmax article of Dec. 26 is still very relevant today. Kessler refers back to an article previously published in the print edition of Newsmax, entitled “Romney to the Rescue: Romney’s Got the Right Stuff for 2008.”

Contrasting Romney to his major opponents, Kessler cites Huckabee’s commuting or pardoning 1,033 criminals, including twelve murderers. Unlike Romney. He cites Huckabee’s raising taxes, including a 37% increase in the state sales tax. Unlike Romney. He cites Huckabee’s “serial ethics violations and misuse of funds” in running the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion. Unlike Romney.

Kessler also cites McCain’s volatile temper and outbursts, which observers have described as the consequence of simply disagreeing with McCain! Unlike Romney. And McCain’s opposing President Bush’s tax cuts, twice! Unlike Romney. Need we revisit McCain-Feingold, McCain-Edwards, and McCain-Kennedy? As Mark Levin (the Great One) asked, we have plenty of McCain-Liberal; where is McCain-Conservative?

Kessler concludes his review with the following true story, which demonstrates Romney’s character:

“[W]hen told in July 1996 that the 14-year-old daughter of one of his partners had been missing in New York for three days, Romney closed down Bain Capital and asked its 30 partners and employees to fly to New York to try to find her. The girl had gone to a rave party and taken ecstasy. ‘I don’t care how long it takes, we’re going to find her,’ Romney told the girl’s father Robert Gay. As a result of a massive campaign orchestrated by Romney, he was able to locate and rescue the girl when she was within a day of dying from the effects of an overdose.”

Mitt Romney is an incredibly rare find in politics. Anyone who decides to read his unofficial biography by Hugh Hewitt or any other reference about him is invariably impressed beyond his wildest expectations at what kind of man Romney really is. Once we’ve read about him and then subsequently hear him describe one of his accomplishments, it doesn’t sound nearly as monumental as the reality with which we’ve become familiar. Are Romney’s successes so wondrous as even defying adequate expression itself? Yes, they really are. Romney’s successes are literally unbelievable (i.e., you really will have trouble believing that anyone can produce the miraculous achievements that he has indeed chalked up, without ever failing!). Maybe Romney is too good to be true, by definition: Because it’s so hard to believe what we see, his amazing success may be his only defect. “He can’t be real,” you are tempted to exclaim. No one can do all that! Correction: No one except Romney. Romney is still the real deal.

Richard Voss

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